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A couple of projects that we worked on over the years for clients like:

Riot Games, League of Legends, Wild Rift, SYFY, Chucky, Raid Hut, Ashes of Creation, Lego, Warner Music and Others.

We're here to bring your Anime Project to life!

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From Script to the Animation

From beginning to end, we transform your ideas into reality:

Script > Concepts > Environment

Character Design > Storyboard > Animatic Rough Animation > Clean Up > Line Art Colouring > Compositing > Sound Design Original Soundtrack > Final Animation.

Modern with the classic Anime feel

Mixing classic frame by frame techniques and pencil brush with technology and visual effects to create a modern image quality with a classic anime feel.

Short ADs optimized for Mobile

Social Media today took over the biggest part of advertisement world.

So, we design projects and scripts that speaks the language of the web and also fit on the most popular formats to better results, from Youtube TrueView ads to Facebook and Instagram Feed and Stories sponsored videos.




League of Legends, Battle Academy Skins campaign for social media.

Abroad team around the World

Not being a physical studio opens to us an universe of possibilities!

From Brazil to Colombia, United States, Canada, France, England, Russia, Sweden and Australia our team of Writers, Illustrators, Animators, Background Artists Voice Actors and Music Producers brings to the table a multi cultural experience to the projects.



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2P Studios

São Paulo - SP - BRAZIL

Have a project in mind?

So, don't be shy and send a message with a small brief about the job!

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