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A League of Legends player controls Yasuo and faces the brother and rival of her favorite champion, in this new campaign to attract new players.

Opening ceremony of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) quarters where we represented the G2 and Misfits teams wearing the 2022 Star Guardian skin line.

Campaign featuring all characters for the Space Groove skins line launch for League of Legends.

A classic shounen anime opening for the official release of the Battle Academy skins line.

We turned Chucky into an anime in the premiere of his series for the SYFY Channel (WARNING: graphic content)

We made history with our biggest case: League of Legends New Players Campaign.

A sheet, crayons, and a new character for a new game. These are the elements of our official release of the champion, Ellis.

Official release of Wild Rift in Brazil in the form of famous advertisements from the country.

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